OK KARDESLER TREYLER SAN. VE TIC. A.S. tanker, trailer, semi trailer, cement silo, lpg tanker, petroleum tanker, fuel tanker, silo
GUVENC MAKINA ITH. IHR. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. onvehicle equipments, truck equipments, garbage compactors, dumpers, tipper trucks, fire fighting trucks, hook lifts, mobile workshops
CUHADAR TREYLER MAK. INS. NAK. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Trailer, Tipper, Tipper Trailer, Pipe Tipper Trailer, Tipper Semi-trailer, Semi-trailer, Tump Truck, Pipe Transport Trailer
TATCO INSAAT OTOMOTIV LTD. STI. Garbage Compactor, Telescopic Platform, Fire Truck, Vacuum Truck, Canal Jetting, Water Tanker, Road Sweeper, Fire Fighting
SANCAKLI ITFAIYE ARACLARI YAPIMI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. fire truck, garbage compactor, water truck, fuel tanker, jetting truck, vacuum truck, combine truck, lifting platform

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“Since 1981, OKT Trailer has been one of the rare Turkish brands in the world of trailer sector with its total quality philosophy as shaping certification and institutionalization processes in terms of quality and trust. We have been working with automotive commercial vehicle traders in the field of road transportation by trailers and truck-mounted vehicles of all kinds of; dangerous and non-hazardous gas and liquid like petroleum derivatives, chemicals and chemical foodstuffs carried by tanker equipment; powder and granular like cement, lime, silica sand and foodstuffs carried by bulk trailer equipment; solid aggregate like coal, excavation, asphalt and wheat, bulk cargoes carried by tipper equipment and general, agricultural and livestock cargoes.”
We embarked on this adventure in Konya, the middle of Anatolia, at a production plant of 100 m² in 1984. We still feel the devotion and enthusiasm of the very first day. We have increasingly specialized in production of mainly tankers and underground and aboveground tanks, mobile tanks, special-purpose tanks and storage tanks, LPG tanks, water tanks and silos. Our reliable and high-quality products and services have gained a great deal of demand day by day. We have made investments to fulfill our orders at time and quality as promised and, we could not fit in our premises. We grew by two-hundredfold on our 35th anniversary and now feel the justified proud of producing quality at our new production plant of 20.000 m². Oztanksan, as a strong representative of Turkey with its 100% local capital, is dedicated to proudly represent our country on international arena. Today, we export to 23 countries other than Middle East and Africa, with an exports rate of 95% and go beyond the limits on the way to becoming the best. All works are surely tough and troublesome. However, as a company dedicated to this path, we look back on our motto and bear in mind that our target is always the customer and that we have never compromised on quality and most importantly your trust in us, and overcome all obstacles based on such motivation.
MUNICIPAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL EQUIPMENTS AND SYSTEMS tatco municipal equipments is a world brand for the engineering, production of municipal vehicles, equipments and systems designed for the environmental of public and private areas. Core of activity can be summarised as waste logistics : equipments and systems for collection, transport and management for urban and industrial waste.
**“Quality, trust, unconditional customer satisfaction”** For 35 years our company was operating in the logistics sector in Turkey. As of 2016, we have defined a new set of goals. Due to the developments in our country and the region we have redefined the concept of our company and created new strategies and targets. In particular, fluctuations in the world economy and the structural situations of countries trying to adapt to this change, new markets have been identified. We have analyzed sector-based needs of these markets. Thus our company management has set the target market as the Middle East, Asia, Arabic Peninsula, East and North Africa. This region is to create a serious economical boost in an upcoming time frame due to the underground riches and the willingness of the local people to work. Road transport due to lack of infrastructure, quick changes of the countries’ population and economy, industrialization and expected rise in the urban population increases the demand for these markets. Our vision is to do business with the local manufacturers, suppliers and dealers while respecting social values in order to become an international brand that provides quality service. One of our superiorities over our competitors-which gives our customers competitive advantages over their competitors , as well- is that we are able to manufacture our products based on not only the European standards but also ASME, CANADA, GOST, COC, TUV and other international standards. Another superiority of ours is that we can do “Boutique Designing” by focusing and projecting mainly on our customer’s specific needs, specifications and specific wishes and providing the highest technology based on these details. We are also focusing on providing extensive after sales support to share the responsibility of our customers. We are aware of the fact that there are huge amounts of manufacturers throughout the world. This is why we are focusing on providing your products to you at the fastest convenient time based on your urgency no matter which part of the world you are at. Please kindly be informed that we believe it would create a huge synergy if you or your representatives visit us at our premises. We are aiming for clients interested in our products or a strategic partner to market our products.
Our Company was founded in 1993 to manufacture equipment such as fire truck, garbage compactor truck, water tanker, vacuum & jetting trucks and lifting platforms and many other heavy equipments for municipalities, public and private sector. In our facility of 5.000 m², 1.500 m² of which is open, we have the capacity to manufacture on vehicle equipment. In line with the increasing demands, we are taking quick steps to expand our market and to brand in our current markets. Our Company has served to Turkish Armed Forces, Province Municipalities, Town Municipalities and hundreds of public and private organizations by means of building vehicles. Vehicles have been exported to countries, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, Sudan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Macedonia and Kosovo as well. Our company manufactures its products for export with ISO9001 and CE certificate conforming to EU laws. Our Company, which ranks differently due to its post-sale services, displays its difference by means of procuring 24-hour on-site service with its mobile service team. Our fundamental principle is to provide products and services in conformity with accepted standards for this aspect, pursue employee health and safety, increase the competence of our human resources with training activities and procure constant development and improvement of our quality management system in order to make complete, timely and quality production by following the technologies that change constantly. SANCAKLI brand is the place that meets trust and stability.
Large industrial companies in Ankara in 1972 in a workshop fonded by Cevdet CUHADAR Ostim organized in 1984 as a service right now , which operates within the industry moved the workshop . 2 in 1999 , from father to son Generation os Mustafa , Kemal CUHADAR and management , and product quality to manufacture the best quality product to move forward with the principal himself has taken the first steps towards a steady growth...
Guvenc Machinery Import and Export Co. Ltd. serves your esteemed customers co-operation focused on ; Quality and Reliance since the begining of our established year. Our Company fells proud of presenting logical price policy with best quality knowing Developed Technology and The Century of Competition. Our Company does True Work in True Time and fulfill your respected order with Instantly and Trustworthy. Our Mission is True Team Work. We understand compeletely our Respected Customer’s Requests and fulfill your demand from process of manufacturing to process of transportation in a soon time. We will always be honoured to co-operate with your esteemed customer.